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BuildBee Print Settings

Presets are pre-generated settings which are hand-crafted for a particular use. Each of BuildBee's default presets comes with tweaks which allow for modifications to the default behaviour, if desires.

All Purpose 

This setting balances speed and strength with thin walls, moderately thick layers, light infill and can automatically generate support material. Great for rapid prototyping, so you can make quick adjustments to your model.

Premium presets

Presets that have a particular use such as creating strong, hollow or very small objects.

Vases and Cups

If your models do not require a top layer or any infill, this is the preset for you! As the name suggests, this setting is perfect for printing hollow models such as jars and containers.

Mechanical Parts

For prints that are intended to be used under strain and are required to be strong and sturdy. Perfect for replacement parts and gears.

Find more premium presets

For more options, you can browse the library of premium presets in the Add-on Marketplace, or for even more control, you can try creating your own.

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