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Introducing: BuildBee Desktop

This information is current for BuildBee Desktop Version 66

What is BuildBee: Desktop

BuildBee Desktop is an application in active development which allows you to:
  1. Connect your 3D printer directly to the BuildBee cloud without a CloudDock.
  2. Use BuildBee cloud printing as a native stand-alone application on Windows and MAC.
BuildBee Desktop uses all the existing cloud infrastructure of BuildBee to manage your files and prints so an internet connection is essential.

Where can I get BuildBee: Desktop

To try BuildBee Desktop download it now at

buildbee desktop

Once installed and are logged in, BuildBee will start a networked print server.  BuildBee will find the best device to connect that looks like a 3D printer to it.  For this reason it's best to have the 3D printer plugged into an available USB port before starting the application. There are some known bugs around COM ports and finding the correct device estimated to be resolved by the release of Version 70.

Known Issues
  1. Sleeping - BuildBee Desktop highlights a flag to the system intended to make sure the host computer does not go to sleep.  If the host computer does go to sleep the print will fail.  Similarly if you are using BuildBee Desktop from a laptop device, it should be running on mains power and not from battery.
  2. Maintenance Page - Navigating to the maintenance page is the same as the BuildBee cloud, however there is an additional link within the application menu under "tools".  Unlike the BuildBee CloudDock, this maintenance page is only accessible from the host computer.
  3. Printer Selection - From the maintenance page you can select a different printer type in the "System Info" tab.
  4. Queue - A BuildBee desktop printer cannot be used in a queue.  This is a temporary limitation requiring a back-end change to the queue system infrastructure.  This is estimated to be resolved by Version 75. 

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