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Get started with BuildBee: Desktop

BuildBee: Desktop - Installing

Go to and click the download button that matches your computers operating system:
BuildBee: Desktop download buttons
Find the installer you have just downloaded and double-click to run it:
Download folder

Finishing installation on Mac

Drag the BuildBee: Desktop icon into the  Applications folder, then close the window.
BuildBee: Desktop Mac installer

Finishing installation on Windows

You may see a pop-up preventing you from installing the app. Simply click "More Info", then "Run Anyway":

windows protection

windows protection run anyway

BuildBee: Desktop will begin to install. This may take several minutes:
buildbee windows installer

BuildBee: Desktop - Running

Running BuildBee: Desktop on Windows

Open the start menu and search for BuildBee: Desktop

Running BuildBee: Desktop on Mac

Open Launchpad and search for "BuildBee"
BuildBee launchpad

OR press CMD+⌘+Space and search for BuildBee:

You may see a pop-up preventing you from running the app. You can work around this by opening your App folder in Finder, and using these instructions to create an exception.

BuildBee: Desktop - First Run

On the first run you may have to do a bit of first time setup. 

Complete Installation message

If you see the following message asking you to complete installation, click OK. This will finish installing the last parts of BuildBee: Desktop:

Selecting printer type

To select which printer model you would like to connect to:

  1. Go to the "View" menu in the toolbar
  2. Click "Printer Maintenance"
  3. Click "System Info"
  4. Select the manufacturer and model of your printer
BuildBee system info

What if my printer doesn't connect?

If your printer does not connect to your electron app check the following:
  1. Ensure the printer is powered on;
  2. Ensure the printer is connected to your computer;
  3. Ensure any other 3D printing software is closed and restart the app.
If this doesn't resolve your issue there may be an issue with your computers USB drivers. Restarting your machine should resolve this issue.

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