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Transferring administration to another account

Each site has one 'enterprise admin' account which is used to manage the subscription of that site. This is also the billing account for ENTERPRISE and EDUCATION users.

There can only be one of these accounts, so it is best to know who needs to have this responsibility within your site.

Step 1 - Access your sites user list (for the ENTERPRISE admin)

- Log in to BuildBee.
- Select the 'enterprise tools' icon from the top right hand corner of the screen.
- Select the users icon from the side menu.
If you don't know who the current enterprise admin is, follow the steps in this help article: Who is my site administrator?

users section


Step 2 - Transfer administration

- Find the account you want to transfer administration to and select it. They should see something like this when looking at your account:

transfer administration

- Selecting 'TRANSFER ADMINISTRATION' will take you to the page below. The admin will need to confirm the transfer by typing in the receiving user's email address and selecting 'TRANSFER ADMINISTRATION RIGHTS':

transfer administration rights

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