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Manual controls

You can manually control the actions of your 3D printer by accessing the 'CONTROL' pane in the maintenance console. 

Access the manual controls

Log in to an account with the right to access the maintenance console of the printer you want to use.
- Access the printer list from the top right hand corner of the screen:

BuildBee printer list

- Select the 'MAINTENANCE' button next to the printer you want to use:

BuildBee maintenance button

- In the maintenance console, select the 'CONTROL' button.

BuildBee maintenance console


- Select the 'FIND ME!' button if you have multiple 3D printers and aren't sure which one is attached to the BuildBee CloudDock you are working with. Try it out!

BuildBee find me

Move The Printer

- Manual movement controls for each axis. Set the distance you want to move the axis by (1mm, 10mm or 50mm) and click on one of the buttons. The movement direction is from the perspective of the front of the printer.

BuildBee move the printer

- Selecting the 'HOME' button will return your printer to its default home state, regardless of all axes current positioning.

Temperature Controls

- Temperature controls for the extruder. You can set the temperature to 200°C, 210°C, 220°C or 230°C.

- You can manually turn the fan 'ON' or 'OFF'. 

Buildbee temperature controls

BuildBee target temperature

- A 'COOL DOWN' button will also appear whilst the printer is heating. Selecting this button will stop the printer from heating up.

BuildBee cool down

- The current temperature of the printer can be monitored from the top of the page:

BuildBee current temperature

Extrusion Controls 

- Here you can manually extrude filament from your printer. The extrusion controls will not be available unless the printer is hot enough first.

BuildBee not hot enough

- Preheat your printer to the materials recommended printing temperature under the 'Temperature Controls' section. Once the printer is hot enough, an 'EXTRUDE' and 'RETRACT' button will appear. Only click the extrude button once at a time and wait for the filament to be pushed out before deciding to click it again.

BuildBee extrusion controls

Upload GCODE File

- If you have some custom GCODE you would like to run on your printer, drag and drop a GCODE file directly into the circle or click anywhere in the circle and search for the file you want to upload. More information can be found here: Uploading a custom GCODE File

BuildBee GCODE uploader

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