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Setting your BuildBee printer device type

Step 1: Go to or open BuildBee Desktop

This tutorial will work for either BuildBee Desktop or You will need to open BuildBee and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Go to the Printers page

In the top right hand of your screen you will find the navigation menu. Click the Printers button.
find the printers button

Step 3: Find your BuildBee device and open the maintenance console

 Find your BuildBee device in the printers list and click the Maintenance button.
find the maintenance button

Step 4: Go to the System Info tab

In the maintenance console, click the System Info button. You will see a section called Printer Device Profiles
Simply select the manufacturer of your device followed by the model of your printer.
find system info

Step 5: Confirm your change

Click Change Device Profile to save your change. You can now close the maintenance console.
After 30 seconds BuildBee should successfully connect to your printer.
click change device profile

The next step

Now that you have configured your device you are ready to enjoy using your printer in the BuildBee ecosystem.
For more information on how to start printing, check out our Running a print article.

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